Kiyokawa Orchards

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Kiyokawa Orchards is a Japanese-American family owned orchard located in the Hood River Valley basin of northern Oregon. The rich soil of the region along with centuries old ethical and sustainable farming practices are rooted in the over 100 years of success and prominence  as one of the largest most successful U-pick orchards in the community.

Our story begins in 1905, when Randy’s grandfather emigrated from Japan to the United States. There he would begin setting roots for his family and start farming in what is now the famous Hood River Valley. Unfortunately, not so soon after life would take a drastic turn when during the Second World War many people of Japanese descent were placed in internment camps. However, in the most unlikely of circumstances it was during this time Randy’s father Mamoru would meet his mother Michiko. In 1951, after serving in the U.S. Military Intelligence Service, Mam and Mich would return to the Hood River Valley purchasing a 25-acre orchard in Parkdale, Oregon. From there they would put down their roots and continue to raise their family. Over the years the orchard has seen many hardships but hard work and dedication have continued to sustain the Kiyokawa family for over a century. Currently, the Kiyokawa family continues to produce some of the finest fruits in the country offering over 100 distinct varieties with hopes of continuing do just so for many years to come.

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