Our Team
Isabel Cordero: Art Direction / Design Research / Copy / Social / Mobile UX/UI
Xavier Hernandez: Social Media Design

IntroductionFounded in 2010, Spindrift introduced the first ever sparkling water flavored with real squeezed fruit in America. Spindrift embraces authenticity and celebrates real simple ingredients.

why?Because “real fruit tastes better”
Yep, it’s just that simple.

Why are we excited about this?Our team has been challenged to create a Dry January campaign that is centered around their products.

What is
Dry January?
Dry January is a global public health movement that encourages people to take a break from alcohol for the entire month of January in order to focus on one’s health and wellbeing. This time around Spindrift is joining the movement and hopes their Drifters will do the same, but there’s a twist!

Our SpinFor this Dry January, we’ve crafted a new limited edition collection of Unspiked Sparkling waters inspired by everyone’s favorite classic cocktails. We call them nocktails and they are just as refreshing as our original Spiked Sparkling waters.

Our ResearchWhen looking at Spindrift’s products, we appreciated the simplicity of their designs. We aimed to bring that same energy to the Unspiked Sparkling water designs. This has allowed us to create a campaign that is clean, nostalgic, and modern.
color palette

what’s next?
A few a new flavors. To start we’ve brought in their recent Nojito Flavor and gave it some friends!

Cheers to a not so Dry JanuarySpindrift Unspiked is a refreshing alternative this Dry January. 

#whatsyourspinWe invite Drifters from all over to show-off their spin on the ready mixed mocktails.

But wait there’s 
a twist . . .At the end of Dry January, our new Spindrift Unspiked flavors will be available as Spiked Sparkling Waters! We wanted to reward our Drifters for their hard work!

Cheers to the end 
of Dry January!Enjoy the buzz without the fuss and drink Spindrift Spiked Sparkling Water!