The Texas State Communication Design Exit Review is a bi-annual portfolio showcase for graduating designers entering the workforce. The purpose of the event is to invite local design professionals to network, review portfolios, and for selected design professionals to identify Portfolio Award Winners. Students are divided into five committees to collectively conceptualize, produce, and promote the event, and each semester the event is branded with an identity system that uniquely reflects the skill sets, creative talents, and personality of the graduating class.


Colin Morris
: Committee Chair / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Branding
Dylan Makar: Art Direction / Branding / Typography
Taylor Wright: Art Direction / Branding
Clare Bohler: Art Direction / Branding
Ashton Bennett: Art Direction / Branding
Josh Turner: Art Direction / Branding

As part of the Brand Committee, our task was to conceptualize the Art Direction and Identity system for the Fall 2023 Exit Review. We centered the direction around Unparalleled, a system inspired by the wide array of individual design strengths and perspectives that make up the graduating class and the unique journeys these backgrounds will lead us on as we prepare for the next chapter. Unparalleled embraces the multifaceted identities that shape our design practice, and celebrates the various ways our paths interact and relate to one another as we become the next generation of designers.

For our system we thought it best to keep things relatively simple to better highlight the unique journeys of our fellow designers.  From every color to bump and turn in a line each element has be carefully been designed in such a way to embrace the diversity of our classes backgrounds and intersecting interests.  

Photography was another opportunity for us to showcase the individuality and personalities of our class. We encouraged everyone present themselves authentically and true to who they are not only as designers but individuals with distinct styles and skill sets.

Motion: Lex Chavira | Designer Spotlights: Lex Chavira & Colin Morris |Chick-fil-A Graphic: Kelly Macias

Name Tags: Michele DuPont

Wayfinding: Emily Polasek